Review Request Instructions

Authors and/or author agents,

If you wish to submit a book for potential review please read the following:

  • We do not review books in the categories of self-help, how-to and the like. We review stories. Whether that be biography, historical narrative, fiction, memoir, etc.; the genre of story doesn't matter.
  • The stories must be wholesome and clean. We're ok with some violence as long as it's not gratuitous, but vulgarity and sexual content is not what we're looking to promote.
  • Submitting your book to us does not guarantee we will review it.
  • We reserve the right to decide on whether to feature the book on the blog or the podcast.
  • We do not feature books we have not read completely.
  • We are, first and foremost, avid readers so we only promote stories that we enjoyed ourselves.

If you understand and agree with the above stipulations, please mail the following to our address below:

  1. at least one physical copy of the book
  2. an author bio
  3. contact information
  4. let us know if the author is open to an interview

If possible, please send two copies of the book. This will allow our team members to read the book quicker and get your book potentially featured on either the blog or podcast that much faster.

Bookworm Banquet
c/o Porchlight Family Media
6001 N. 43rd Ave. #1040
Phoenix, AZ 85019

Please note: We do not accept eBooks for review at this time.