Review: At Love’s Command by Karen Witemeyer

At Love's Command by Karen Witemeyer
Stephanie's Rating: 5 out of 5 bookmarks

First of all, it would only be fair to start off by saying that I really enjoy books by Karen Witemeyer. I opened this book with the expectation of a fun, fast-paced read with larger than life characters, and I wasn't disappointed.

At Love's Command by Karen Witemeyer is the first book in her new series called Hanger's Horsemen. However, even though the series is named after the hero of our novel, we spend a lot of time in the mind and actions of the heroine as well. This multidimensional approach keeps the reader in the know with what both major parties are thinking and feeling. Speaking of feelings, that is the only part of the story that I felt might be too overdone. But more on that in the wrap up.

Josephine Burkett, Dr. Joe, is a female doctor in the days when females were not commonly doctors. Thankfully, though, it's not another story of a female doctor fighting her way to recognition through heroic deeds and skilled surgeries whose outcomes impress even the most hardened sceptic. Rather, her profession is a part of the story in an important but minor role. Josephine is a plucky heroine with a deep devotion to her delinquent little brother that ends up getting everyone in a bad situation, but hers is also the love that puts him back on the straight and narrow. I enjoyed getting to meet Dr. Joe and felt like her character was nicely developed.

The book opens up with a scene from the past that gives you just enough information to help future actions make sense, but not so much that the reader gets bogged down in a side story. Nicely done on the part of the author. Here we meet the hero so that when the story begins in earnest, we already know one of the players and can step into the action seamlessly. And...action is exactly where we find ourselves! Matthew Hanger and his men, all former Cavalry soldiers, are cornered by rustlersdown, but not out—and come out on top through a combination of skill and bravery that is believable, and doesn't leave you rolling your eyes with a "yeah, right". From there, the action never stops! Each of the side characters have their own personality and keep interactions with our hero fun and interesting.

The story between the two main characters is sweet and straightforward. They have an almost instant attraction to one another and treat each other with respect and admiration. Their inner expressions of "desire" for one another seem a little steamy for a light read and cause me to recommend this book to those 18 and up who can hopefully understand that a storybook relationship must, of necessity due to page count, move fairly quickly!

From first meeting, you can tell Dr. Joe and the infamous Matthew Hanger are meant for each other. They both have shortcomings and failures, but they find in that a common ground for understanding and relating to one another. When Dr. Joe needs help for her brother, Matthew Hanger steps up to help, and where he goes, the men choose to go. Together they face a very one-sided situation and still rescue the brother! But wait, did he WANT to be rescued? Maybe his "troublemaker" moniker has been justly earned. Then, Dr. Joe is the one in trouble! Again, Matthew and his men come through!

I would recommend this book to anyone (18 and older) who enjoys a light-hearted, fast-paced story. Karen Witemeyer did it again!

Stephanie Garrett is a busy homeschooling mom of three who somehow always finds time to read. She has been a voracious reader since childhood and even won a bicycle in elementary school for having read the most books! She enjoys learning and growing and never turns down an opportunity to try something new. Her first love is the Lord and service to Him, second is family, and reading. She believes that anyone who learns to read with comprehension can go anywhere and do anything! She also enjoys music, theatre, sewing, and mathematics.

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