BB12: Review of the Dreamhouse Kings Series by Robert Liparulo

In this episode we review the Dreamhouse Kings series by Robert Liparulo. This Young Adult fiction series of six books is an engaging and spine-tingling read that we heartily recommend. Also in this episode is Nicole's Fact about a writer who changes his name and JD's Tip about a fabulous way to keep track of your personal or small organization's library.

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The Review

Dreamhouse Kings Series by Robert Liparulo
BOOK 1 - House of Dark Shadows (Amazon link)
BOOK 2 - Watcher in the Woods (Amazon link)
BOOK 3 - Gatekeepers (Amazon link)
BOOK 4 - Timescape (Amazon link)
BOOK 5 - Whirlwind (Amazon link)
BOOK 6 - Frenzy (Amazon link)

Robert Liparulo's website
Dreamhouse Kings website

Robert Liparulo

Composer Jonathan Maiocco wrote some beautiful music inspired by Dreamhouse Kings.
Check out his pieces on the soundtrack page of the Dreamhouse Kings website. Also, check out his instrumental albums on your favorite digital music outlet.

He had this to say about the composition below:
"I read Book 1 of the series and thought, 'Whoa, I can totally hear the music!' So, with all the horror and suspense of the story in mind, I composed “House of Dark Shadows” as what I though[t] of as the “main theme” of the series."

JD's Rating: 4 out of 5

Nicole's Rating: 4 out of 5

Nicole’s Bookworm Fact about a writer who changes his name.
Full Story

JD's Bookworm Tip TinyCat; which is the online catalog for small libraries, created by LibraryThing. It turns your existing LibraryThing account into a simple, professional, web-based catalog.

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