Review: Starfish Pier by Irene Hannon

Starfish Pier by Irene Hannon
Lilian's Rating: 4 out of 5 bookmarks

What a well-rounded, riveting story! Starfish Pier definitely snagged my heart with its endearing characters and setting.

Set in the cozy and welcoming town of Hope Harbor, Starfish Pier starts off with the two main characters, ex-Delta Force operator Steven Roark and first-grade teacher Holly Miller. I loved how caring Steven Roark was and how family-oriented he was; the first chapter right off the bat offered some struggles in way of his family life to Steven and I appreciate how Hannon handled it.

I also really adored Holly and how similar she was to me. Holly's obvious love for children and the fact that she took initiative in a lot of situations out of her comfort zone really endeared her to me and helped me relate to her.

Hannon's writing was about as fluid and lovely to read as it can get. I definitely found myself wanting to get back to the lovely town of Hope Harbor throughout the day; it's so richly depicted that I can easily see it as a real town and a place I'd want to visit!

There were a couple of characters in Hope Harbor that I found slightly odd as well as repetitive; Charley, the town sage and taco man, and Father Murphy and Reverend Baker, the town's clerics. Having read a book from the series in the past, I was already well acquainted with these men and I found it odd that the way the characters are talked about as well and introduced is pretty much the exact same as in this book. Given that this series currently has 6 books, I would personally find it extremely repetitive to go through the same spiel each time. However, these characters did add quite a bit of interest and entertainment to the story.

Overall, I think Starfish Pier would certainly be a lovely addition to anyone's bookshelf. It teaches real biblical values and hard topics such as alcohol addiction that are handled well by Hannon, and I love how frequently verses from the Bible are sprinkled throughout the book.

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