Review: More Than We Remember by Christina Suzann Nelson

More Than We Remember by Christina Suzann Nelson
Victoria's Rating: 4 out of 5 bookmarks

This book was a really enjoyable read! With threads that intersect again and again and a focus on grace and the power of redemption, I found this book not only enjoyable, but also heartwarming. The many characters whose lives have been turned upside down by difficult circumstances somehow all intersect and their stories were moving, heart rending, individual but connected, and overall, an amazing reminder of the power of compassion.

I found myself most relating to Brianne, with her compassion, heart for children and the guilt and shame that can too easily come from a perceived mistake. The characters had depth, their backstories unraveling as the story, somewhat slowly, unfolded. Unraveling is the best word that I can think of to describe this book. The author did an amazing job of taking her time in discovering the different stories, motivations, pain, drives and complex combinations that made up these characters and their connected stories.

With one of the main characters involved in an accident he can't remember, his wife tries to be supportive, but has doubt beating at her door. A police officer who wants nothing more than to see justice done, for personal reasons of her own. A neighbor struggling with her career choices and a budding romance. Children caught between the prejudices and circumstances of their parent's lives. This book packs a punch in the character department and I applaud the author with her ability to focus on individual drives, backstories and motivations, all while keeping it relatively clear and understandable.

My only critique of this book would be that with the wide cast of characters, it took about a quarter to a third of the book to really get the feel for what was going on and who everyone was. It really took off at that point and while not necessarily an edge-of-your-seat type of story, it definitely kept me turning pages till I felt the satisfying victory of the ending.

If you enjoy books with suspense, stories that tug at every heartstring that you possess and a subtle thread of inspiration and scripture, then you will love this book!

Victoria Lynn is a “Jane of all trades” who seeks to master them. She runs several small businesses and is an indie author with a passion for literature and the written word. She lives in the glorious state of many lakes, Michigan, with her parents and eight siblings. She devours books and likes to say that if she could get paid for every book she has read, she would be a millionaire. Some of her favorite things to do include writing fiction, learning new things, acting, creating something with her hands and playing the piano or singing. She also is one of the founders of Ichthus Family Productions and seeks to honor the Lord in all that she does.

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