Review: Justice Delivered by Patricia Bradley

Justice Delivered (Memphis Cold Case, Book #4) by Patricia Bradley
Lilian's Rating: 5 out of 5 bookmarks

Having never read any of Patricia Bradley's works, I was a little uncertain as to how I'd like them; however, she's very well known in the suspense world of fiction so I was definitely anticipating a well-rounded and fast-paced book and I wasn't disappointed!

Book Synopsis:
Carly Smith came by her trust issues honestly. She's been at the mercy of merciless men, ignored by law enforcement officers who should have helped her, and seemingly rejected by her family. She can't even trust herself to do the right thing. Though she is working hard on building a new life, the past continues to haunt her when she discovers that the man she couldn't bring herself to report to the police is still out there, luring vulnerable girls under the guise of being a modeling agent.
When her own niece is kidnapped, Carly must overcome her fears and come forward with the information she has. But if that proves to be too little, too late--she'll have to go after the perpetrators herself.

Starting off with the characters... I have to give Bradley kudos for creating extremely endearing and lovable characters that really stick with you. I personally find it a little difficult to relate to characters sometimes and I didn't have a problem with Justice Delivered's characters whatsoever. I related to Carly Smith, the protagonist, a lot in the way she reacted to things emotionally and physically. I love how she wasn't afraid to fight back physically and that she had a quick head.

This story does deal heavily with the issue of sex trafficking and drugs, and although Bradley does a superb job of portraying it as something that readers shouldn't beat around the bush with and be aware of, it can trigger some people. Therefore, I'd definitely caution readers to be careful with such thematic elements, especially if they're younger or have had previous experiences dealing with said themes.

Patricia Bradley
That being said, the broaching of these subjects made it easier to relate to Carly and understand how she processes things and why she has trouble trusting anyone. Her views on law enforcement, although odd and seemingly paranoid, were well deserved, and because Logan (the male main character) was so empathetic to her it endeared him even more to me. He seemed really capable and protective as a police officer but still soft and understanding, and I thought it was interesting that at first she butted heads with him but with time grew to love him.

I also really appreciated the side storyline with the Raines family and Maggie. I also really like how this series is focused on cases that have gone cold, and how one piece of information can completely relight people's views on cases and turn the investigation around. Bradley certainly kept the stakes high with her experienced writing hand and page-turning plot, too!

Overall, Justice Delivered is definitely one of my favorite suspense stories I've read with its incredibly complex characters, rich themes, and racing plot. Recommended to mature readers for its more violent and difficult subjects.

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