Review: The Happy Camper by Melody Carlson

The Happy Camper by Melody Carlson
Stephanie's Rating: 5 out of 5 bookmarks

Do you like to go camping? Are you into the micro-house movement? Do you enjoy an off-the-beaten-path romance? This will be a fun book for you!

Melody Carlson must have really enjoyed writing The Happy Camper. Not only did we get a fun story, we also got a mini interior design session on someone else's money. What could be more fun!

Dillon Michaels (a female) has decided to go home. "Home" for her is her grandparents' house where she spent most of her growing up years. After working hard straight out of college, and a dead-end boyfriend, she just needs to go to a place where planting a garden is the need of the day, and where just sitting on a porch is an acceptable activity. One problem—her mother, with whom she has a tense relationship, has already beat her to the grandparents' house, and has moved in to Dillon's old room. All that is left is the lumpy couch. Enter... the old trailer.

This novel walks with Dillon as she learns how to let go and live again, as she builds a relationship with her mom like never before, finds comfort in her faith in God, remodels an old trailer, and even steps out to explore a new relationship with a man from town. I personally had a good laugh when the old boyfriend comes around again. He was a great counterfoil for the new guy. This book has a good flow and will keeping you reading even as you are confident there will be a happily-ever-after. Definitely a light and relaxing read.

I would recommend this book to a more mature audience, mainly because of the age of the characters involved. I'm not sure young readers would appreciate the caution that comes from experience, nor understand the way time can change a person. I think anyone age 25 and above would connect to this story.

For ease of reading, and a continually moving plot, I give this book 5 out of 5 bookmarks.

Stephanie Garrett is a busy homeschooling mom of three who somehow always finds time to read. She has been a voracious reader since childhood and even won a bicycle in elementary school for having read the most books! She enjoys learning and growing and never turns down an opportunity to try something new. Her first love is the Lord and service to Him, second is family, and reading. She believes that anyone who learns to read with comprehension can go anywhere and do anything! She also enjoys music, theatre, sewing, and mathematics.

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