BB33: Narrating Audiobooks, the Best Novel, and Revisiting Classic Literature with BJ Harrison

Nicole and JD are joined by audiobook narrator, BJ Harrison, for the whole episode to talk about reading the classics, his approach to narrating audiobooks, and they also discuss what is the best novel in the world. BJ also shares about his invention, the hybrid audiobook, and more. Nicole's Fact is about famous writings from isolation and JD's Tip is another tool to inspire expanding your reading horizons.

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The Appetizer

What is the best novel in the world?

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The Interview

B.J. Harrison - audiobook narrator and host of The Classic Tales Podcast

BJ Harrison

The Classic Tales Podcast: Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts
The Best Audiobooks (BJ's audiobook store)
Free Titles During Virus Outbreak
BJ's Voiceover Demos
BJ's Previous Bookwork Banquet Episode (#6)
BJ on Verses In Vox
The Hybrid Audiobook Edition of The Adventures of Huck Finn

Nicole’s Bookworm Fact about well-known writings that were written in isolation.

JD's Bookworm Tip Pop Chart’s Plotting of Fiction Genres Wall Art.

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