Review: Dark Ambitions by Irene Hannon

Dark Ambitions by Irene Hannon (Code of Honor Book #3)
Sarah Grace's Rating: 4.5 out of 5 bookmarks

Editor's Note: Our reviews of Book #1 and Book #2

I have read nearly all of Hannon's romantic suspense books, but I think Dark Ambitions might just be my favorite!

Danger lurks when ambitions turn deadly . . .
Former Army Night Stalker Rick Jordan usually has his camp for foster children to himself during the winter months. But someone has visited recently--leaving a trail of blood. One of the two clues left behind tips Rick off to the identity of his visitor, who soon turns up dead. The police deem it an accident, but Rick isn't convinced.
With the help of private investigator Heather Shields, he sets out to decipher the remaining clue. Except someone doesn't want them to succeed--and will stop at nothing to keep them from finding the truth.

From the start, I really liked both of our main characters. Heather Shields, former homicide detective turned private eye, and Rick Jordan, former Night Stalker turned youth ministries worker. Both of these characters were very unique and had a lot of depth and chemistry that made them great together and individually. I was so excited for the return of the Phoenix, Inc. crew, featured in Hannon's Private Justice series, which I also highly recommend.
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The romance got to be a bit much for my tastes, but I enjoyed the story so much I was able to ignore that for the most part. I also loved Heather's father and the sweet relationship he and his daughter shared. Their relationship helped to further the plot in a unique that shall go unmentioned for spoiler's sake.

The story starts out with Rick trying to find an old army friend he believes to be in trouble, and hiring Heather to help him. From there, the plot quickly turns deadly. Many twists and turns keep Heather and Rickand the readeron their toes. Hannon also includes her trademark action and suspense liberally throughout, as well as some witty banter from the Phoenix, Inc. guys that lightens the story a bit. With so many leads and so many potential "bad guys," you are kept guessing until the end.

All in all, I greatly enjoyed this newest release from veteran author, Irene Hannon! Full of everything you expect to find in a romantic suspense novel combined with Hannon's experienced writing style, I highly recommend this book to all fans of romantic suspense!

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