An Uncommon Woman by Laura Frantz

An Uncommon Woman by Laura Frantz
Stephanie's Rating: 5 out of 5 bookmarks

An Uncommon Woman is a riveting tale of the days of the untamed frontier. I have not researched this period of history, but it is obvious that Ms. Frantz has. The description of the landscape, the tools used, the methods of farming, the clothes worn, and even the food eaten feels real and must have been substantiated by hours and hours of research.

The heroine, Tessa Swan, is a girl raised with only brothers and in a time and environment where there is no need or room for refinement and fripperies. As Tessa states, they at all times feel like "a moving target" and can never really relax and enjoy life. Only inside the recently constructed fort can the settlers let down their guard and, for a space of time, forget about marauding Indians.

It is in this fort that Tessa meets the first man in her life that causes her to think about marriage! The newly appointed Captain Clay Tygart is as wild as the frontier. He was captured and lived among the Indians as a young boy, and that life will always be a part of who he is. Then, Tessa is captured, and Clay comes face to face with his former life.

It's such a great novel! But I can't give it all away. This is a "must-read" and a very enjoyable, as well as, intriguing story. There are many other characters woven into this story; just enough to keep it interesting, and not so many that you lose the focus. Enjoy how the plot weaves in and out of the many lives described in these pages!

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this stand-alone novel by Laura Frantz. I think readers aged 12 and up should be able to safely read this. There is some blood and violence between the Indians and the settlers, but it seemed tastefully done to me. There is romance as well, but except for stolen kisses, Ms. Frantz kept this book clean.

Do you need a fast-paced, riveting novel? Try this one!

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