Review: Always Look Twice by Elizabeth Goddard

Always Look Twice (Uncommon Justice Book #2) by Elizabeth Goddard
Lilian's Rating: 3.5 out of 5 bookmarks

Always Look Twice is a very interesting suspense romance novel with some very twisty plot turns that I never saw coming! I've had the privilege of reading one of Goddard's books before (the first in this series, Uncommon Justice, actually) and I found myself really enjoying it so I had high expectations for this book. I didn't completely love this one because I don't think I'm the right audience for it -- I've never been a huge fan of suspense novels and thrillers, and I think people who love those genres would definitely love this book. So it's definitely a me thing; not something wrong with this book.

It starts off with a jarring scene of crime scene photographer Harper Reynolds witnessing a murder, running away to save her life, and, coincidentally, meeting her childhood friend Heath McKade. A whirlwind of different plot twists are then thrown in and Harper finds herself fearing for her life, especially when suspecting that the murderer saw her witnessing the murder. I definitely found myself rapidly turning the pages, and I loved the subtle romance between Harper and Heath as well! The McKade boys are definitely favorites of mine with their soft and empathetic characters and it was a treat getting to peek more into Heath's character in this book.

The faith/redemption aspect of this book isn't very potent at all. In fact, it was hard for me to pick it up, actually, but the overall message is positive, and I don't believe this book is marketed as a Christian book anyway (even coming from a Christian publisher).

In general, Always Look Twice is a thrilling action-packed suspense romance with a hint of forensic science thrown in and makes for a solid exciting read! I would recommend it to lovers of suspense.

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