Review: Wait For Me by Susan May Warren

Wait For Me by Susan May Warren
Lilian's Rating: 4 out of 5 bookmarks

Wait For Me was a really enjoyable book to read! Susan May Warren has such an intriguing writing style that I quickly fell in love with and definitely found to be the highlight of the book.

Having not read the first five books of the Montana Rescue series, I did find myself a bit confused in the first couple of chapters, but once I got to know and differentiate the characters a bit more it really wasn't a problem at all (unlike what I had anticipated). And having read this book and thoroughly enjoyed it, I would definitely go back to read the first five!

EMT Jess Tagg finds herself crashed on the side of a highway from an impulsive decision. They're taken captive and dragged into untamed Montana wilderness, and Pete Brooks, a member of the  PEAK Rescue Team, takes it upon himself to rescue her. Wait For Me had characters like none other I've read -- Jess is first painted as a rich and alluring woman (at least it seemed like it to me), but I loved getting to slowly know her soft yet aching and real heart. I didn't love Pete Brooks as much because he felt very immature to me and didn't really seem to grow from his actions at all, but I still loved getting to see what he did as a PEAK member. Most of the other characters didn't speak to me much either.

Like I mentioned earlier, I really found Warren's writing style to be the highlight of this book. I wouldn't call it choppy, but it has this beautiful fast, but well-paced, feel which I thought was so interesting and unique. I've never seen anything even mildly close to it and she really kept me hooked for the majority of this book. She also subtly weaved in spiritual elements into it and among the characters as well, which I really appreciated! And the plot twists. Ohhhh my goodness. Warren really has a gift with plot twists -- one of them I thought I saw coming but completely was flipped around and shocked the stars out of me.

Overall, I loved this read! I would definitely recommend Wait For Me to any suspense lovers, and I'll also be on the lookout for more Montana Rescue books!

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