Review: Code of Valor by Lynette Eason

Code of Valor by Lynette Eason
Lilian's Rating 4 out of 5 bookmarks

What an extremely riveting suspense tale! Although I have never been a face-right-on-the-cover type of person, the cover did intrigue me enough to draw me to it and Lynette Eason is definitely a suspense author you often hear about, so I'm glad I read it!

The main characters, Brady St. John and Emily Chastain, were each very relatable characters. Throughout reading the book, I did notice that Brady's character profile seemed rather shallow and not super complex at all, but I did like him as a character. Emily was a different story though. I loved how she approached and dealt with her insecurities about herself, and how unique and complex her background was. However, her personality wasn't very attracting for me personally, so I didn't really like her as much. I did feel like there were too many characters--not all of them played a role as well, so I did get lost at times with which character was which. 

The plot turned out to be such a wild ride! I'm a little more used to plots where I can feel the way it's going, but this plot was wild! It really twisted and turned and at the end, I had given up on trying to guess where it was going. I really admire Eason's talent to write, and it really showed in the plot. Eason's writing style also flows easily and really allows me as a reader to focus on the story instead of the writing, which I applaud her for! 

Overall, I really enjoyed this story! It didn't have noticeable Christian themes (thinking back on it I honestly don't remember more than one or two references to Christianity -- I didn't find any as I flipped through the book either, but don't take my word on it). The plot and writing style definitely made the book for me and I would strongly recommend it for lovers of suspense!

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