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Isabella Alden is an author that I have no idea how I first discovered. Her books captured my attention and my heart when I was in my early teens and I have read them numerous times since then, each time getting something new, deep and spiritually encouraging. Alden wrote with a heart to see the world changed and I was blown away by the amount of conviction that was incredibly evident in her books.

Isabella Alden
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Isabella Macdonald Alden was an American author. Her first book, Helen Lester, written for a contest, was at the age of 20. She wrote approximately 75 Sunday school books, and a number of volumes of fiction for older readers, as well as The Prince of Peace, a life of Christ. She wrote on the subjects of love to God and love to her fellow-men. Alden dedicated her work to the advancement of the Christian religion in the home life and in the business life. She served as president of the Missionary Society, superintendent of the primary department of the Sunday School, identified with the Chautauqua assemblies, and prepared the Sunday School lessons for the "Westminster Teacher".

Some of her best work were fiction stories that combined the harsh realities of the world at the time, characters that tugged on your heart strings and messages that were strong, crisp, and crystal clear. Her work deserves far more recognition than it gets and there are very few that I have met who have heard of her work, let alone read them. A random fun fact about Isabella Alden is that she often went by the name of Pansy and she was an aunt to another of my beloved forgotten authors, Grace Livingston Hill. It was incredible to realize what kind of legacy she passed down to her niece. You can read the post I wrote about Grace Livingston Hill here.

Three People - First Published in 1871

This book is the standout novel to me as it is the one that affected me most deeply and one that I have read so many times. The story parallels the lives of three boys, all born on the same day, but born into vastly different circumstances. Watching their lives drift apart and converge in a dramatic and heartrending climax and finale will leave you in tears, or at the very least holding your heart. One of Miss Alden’s most prominent of messages, that of abstinence, is featured very strongly in this book. In an era where the world was running away with alcohol, she told a very real and sad story that outlines what can become of those who do not consider the dangers of addiction.

The Man of the House - First Published in 188?

This one I read when I was quite younger and I would highly recommend it to teens. The story of a young boy who must provide for his family prematurely and his deep and unwavering faith in the God that he serves was a story that shaped me and my siblings in our growing up years.

Ester Ried: Asleep and Awake - First Published in 1870

This book heavily impacted me. It's the story of a girl without the Lord who has come to a place where all is drudgery and any joy has been sucked out of her life. The book follows her as she leaves home to meet her cousin, the infectiously joyful Abi and while there, discovers the source of all joy, our Lord and Saviour. Seeing the complete work that welcoming Christ into our life can do made this book a stand-out novel by Alden.

Wise and Otherwise - First Published in 1873

Characters from previous books such as Ester Ried, Julia Ried, and The King's Daughter meet in this volume which is the fourth book of the Ester Ried series. A wayward pastor, social prejudice and the dilemma of dealing with haughty and prideful individuals made this book one that had me turning pages deep into the night. It wasn’t thrilling by any means, but somehow the plight of all the characters twisted my heart in just such a way that I had to know how it ended.

Those were my favorites and I hope you will check them out, but below are a list of even more great books by Isabella Alden.

All in all, I hope you will look into Isabella Alden. Her books were inspirational and written near the start of what would become the vast industry of Christian Fiction. You can learn more about Isabella and read some free novels and short stories at

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