BB24: Bookworm Banquet Goes to the VNSA Book Sale [Bonus Episode]

In this special bonus episode, we invite you to come along with JD and Nicole to the VNSA Book Sale on February 9, 2019. We recorded on location audio on our way to the sale, while at the venue, and a recap after the event. The VNSA Used Book Sale is an annual event at the Arizona State Fairgrounds and we thought it would be fun to share our bookworm adventures with our podcast family.

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The VNSA Book Sale

Official Event Website

Pictures from the Event

Click any image to enlarge.
JD and Nicole waiting in line on Friday night.
Some of the folks in line ahead of our group.
Those are people sleeping on the ground wrapped in blankets.
A view of part of the interior of the building that held the sale.
And yes, that is the top of JD's head. Why was he using the front-facing camera? Who knows. Give him a break; he'd been awake all night long.

A couple more shots of the inside of the book sale building.

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