Review: The Light Before Day by Suzanne Woods Fisher

The Light Before Day by Suzanne Woods Fisher
Stephanie's Rating: 4 out of 5 bookmarks

First, let me start by saying that this is the third and final book of a trilogy. It is also the only book of the series I have read so I cannot compare it to the previous ones. That said, I did not at all feel lost or out of the loop while reading The Light Before Day. I enjoyed the characters, the action, and the very, very clean romance. There was not even the suggestion of behavior that would cause a maiden to blush. Even in "Christian" novels, that is not always so, and I appreciated being able to enjoy the story without filtering passionate scenes.

This story is largely about Quaker twins Henry and Hitty Macy, with several satellite characters woven in and out to provide interest. Henry and Hitty are forced to deal with a large inheritance bequeathed by a deceased grandmother, but there are strings attached. As they struggle to learn how to deal with this sudden windfall, Henry finds inspiration from the words penned in an old family journal. The entries are interesting and add much to the narrative.
Suzanne Woods Fisher

It is obvious that Ms. Fisher devoted enormous sums of time to researching the era and place about which she writes. This solid background causes the story to feel "real" and grounded instead of purely fictitious. The characters are robust and compelling, and the plot moves along nicely - right up until the end.

I was very much enjoying this book in my leisure time, getting to know the characters, learning more about Quakers, exploring a time in history about which I know very little, and then, the story wraps up, all loose ends are tied, and... it's over. Wow! I'm not sure what I was expecting, but my mind did not assimilate that the end was near. This seemingly abrupt ending marred the enjoyment for me!

The Light Before Day is a very clean and interesting story fit for anyone aged 12-112, but the ending just didn't work for me, and for that, I couldn't give it full marks. Still a book very worth reading, just watch out, and remember that the ending is nearer than you had supposed!

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