Used Book Haul: VNSA Book Sale 2-10-18

This past weekend was time for the annual used book sale down at the Arizona State Fairgrounds. This amazing book sale is held by the VNSA, a non-profit organization, and it is a bookworm's dream. Thousands upon thousands of books under a single roof at fantastic prices. I have gone to this event once previously but it has been several years ago so I was excited to go again.

Lines at the VNSA Book Sale
Both Nicole and I went to see what literary treasures we could find. Nicole went to get a place in the line the night before; I went when the doors opened the next morning. I ended up standing in the queue for over 2 hours. Nicole, on the other hand, was already inside shopping her little heart out.

Inside the Book Sale

Regardless of the trying wait times, I still found some wonderful deals and am very glad I went. I ended up purchasing 13 books and 3 audio items for a total of $28. Below are the books that I acquired.

Malcolm Gladwell Boxed Set

The Tipping Point
I've read all three of these books in the past and thoroughly enjoyed them. Gladwell's writing is intellectual while still remaining engaging. I didn't own any of these and this beautiful hardcover boxed set which looks nearly brand new was a no-brainer for $6.

The Island of Sheep
by John Buchan

I read Buchan's The Thirty-Nine Steps several years ago and absolutely loved it. I really like a good adventure story. This book features the same main character so I snagged it for a buck.

Blood of Thieves
by Michael J. Sullivan

I have been looking for some new authors of clean fantasy so after getting a recommendation to check out Sullivan's work from a fellow fantasy fan on Goodreads, I kept an eye out for his books at the sale. I found the only Michael J. Sullivan book that was left in the entire building and lucky for me, it was an omnibus volume of the first two books in his Riyria Chronicles series. Unlucky for me, it was also the most expensive book I purchased at six dollars.

by Travis Thrasher

I read one novel by Thrasher a handful of years ago and while some of the circumstances which took place weren't my favorite, I really liked his writing. I also have seen a few folks I know reading him so I decided to give this one a try.

by James L. Rubart

Another author that I've had some friends read and enjoy so I decide to check it out. A nice bonus is that the volume is in near mint condition.

This Present Darkness
by Frank Peretti

Another book that I've already read, but had never purchased. It was only $1 and I have been thinking about re-reading it and the sequel so this was perfect. It is also in excellent condition.

by Jaye L. Knight

Originally heard about this author on the Our Favorite Things podcast and it's been on my radar since. Not long ago, I purchased the ebook edition of this title as well as the next book in the series, but have not read them yet. Since I prefer physical books and this copy was nearly brand new I couldn't pass it up.

by Tosca Lee

I've never read anything by Tosca Lee, but I know she's co-authored several books with Ted Dekker (who I'm a huge fan of) so I figured she's got to be a good writer. I also love biblical fiction stories so I decided that it couldn't be a bad choice to grab this book.

Under the Banner of Heaven
by Jon Krakauer

I already owned the audiobook version of this book as well as a paperback copy. Unfortunately, I had loaned out the book and it has never come back home. This was a nice hardcover volume in excellent shape so I had to grab it.

The Works of Charlotte and Emily Bronte
Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte
Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte

A couple classics that Nicole has repeatedly told me that I need to read but I just haven't got around to picking up yet. So why not kill two birds with one stone? This is a gorgeous 2-in-1 hardcover volume with an embossed cover, gold-edged pages, and ribbon bookmark for $4.

Though None Go with Me
by Jerry B. Jenkins

The only books by Jenkins that I can recall having read are the Left Behind stories co-authored with Tim LaHaye. I decided to go ahead and pick up this book since it sounded interesting and it was only a dollar.

Tell me about your latest used book finds in the coments below.

J.D. Sutter

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