Review: Vanishing Point by Lisa B. Harris

Vanishing Point by Lisa B. Harris
Victoria's Rating: 2 of 5 bookmarks

This book threw me a lot. Lisa Harris’s highly acclaimed and reviewed Nikki Boyd series took an unexpected twist on the fourth book. I had high expectations due to the reviews I had read of her previous books. While it was a decent story, it definitely left a lot lacking.

One of the main things that I liked about the story was the plot twist at the end. It was very hard to guess who the actual perpetrator was and when I finally discovered it, I was completely surprised. Another thing was that I really appreciated that the author gave us some insight into the two main characters and gave them both challenging life situations that deepened their characters.

What I didn’t like unfortunately outweighed the good in this book.

The writing seemed very off to me. It was very heavy on the dialogue and very light handed on the description. There was no balance at all and as a result, I thought it read in a confusing and unpolished manner. For instance, a character who had an ambiguous name was not introduced as male or female until ten pages after their introduction to the story. And the dialogue was strange because there were no action tags or descriptions to the way that the character was saying their lines in any way. During some intense and turbulent times in the character's life, it was a constant back and forth dialogue, a lot of telling instead of showing and therefore, there was no hint as to the emotion of the character.

Overall in the story department, it also felt lacking. I believe the writer was trying to fill in details that were missing in the previous books of the series. As a result, the story had a lot of gaps. It jumped from one year, to one later, to two later, and the final jump was an entire decade.

The last thing that bothered me was the relationship between the two main characters. They both clearly liked each other and were in love with each other, but for some reason, they kept telling themselves to let each other go for no reason.

If you are a reader who enjoys the more scary, creepy or intense side of literature, then you may like this book. Or if you are an avid Lisa Harris fan, this may also intrigue you.

Content Warning: Personally, this book took it a bit too far. The suspense was of a more scary/evil nature that left me feeling a little creeped out afterward. Serial killers, murders, descriptions of the dead bodies, the wounds, and the means the killer used to kidnap and kill its victims are mentioned throughout the book. People being shot, killed and explosions also take place.

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