BB7: Review of Ginnie Dare: Crimson Sands & Scott Roche Interview

This episode of Bookworm Banquet features a review of the YA novel Ginnie Dare: Crimson Sands by Scott Roche. This is an action-packed science fiction story that is sure to keep your interest. JD and Nicole are also joined on the show by Scott Roche and he shares some of the inspiration for the book. And Nicole brings us another fascinating Bookworm Fact to top off the program.

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Review Segment

Ginnie Dare: Crimson Sands by Scott Roche
Thank you to Scott for providing us with a free review copy of his book.

JD's Rating: 4 out of 5
Nicole's Rating: 4 out of 5

Interview Segment Links:

Scott Roche
Scott's Website
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Information on Virginia Dare | Roanoke Colony

Nicole's Bookworm Fact is about the world's most valuable books.

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