BB5: Review of Sheep Tales by Ken Davis

Today JD and Nicole review a children's book by comedian and speaker Ken Davis. The book is called Sheep Tales: The Bible According to the Animals Who Were There. This is a fun book to read together as a family. Nicole also shares a fascinating Bookworm Fact that fits really well with the theme of family that seemed to fill today's show. JD's Bookworm Tip also fit nicely in that category. They also share some listener feedback and JD invites listeners to play the smartphone game, Wordfeud, with him.

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Review Segment

Sheep Tales by Ken Davis

JD's Rating: 5 out of 5
Nicole's Rating: 5 out of 5

Nicole's Bookworm Fact is about Jonathan Edwards. Jonathan Edwards on Wikipedia | Jonathan Edwards' writings on Amazon

JD's Bookworm Tip is the BookIt! National Reading Incentive Program

Join JD on the Scrabble-like word tile game, Wordfeud, on your iPhone or Android phone. His username is: jonnydollar

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