About The Show

Bookworm Banquet is a book review podcast that aims to Satisfy Your Literary Cravings. Your hosts, JD and Nicole, will be serving up book reviews and author interviews on all genres of books with a couple caveats; the books must be clean and they've got to be a good read.

The goal of the show is to offer wholesome reading options to listeners, whether they are fiction or biography, current releases or classics, children’s books or books for older readers, JD and Nicole will review and discuss them all! They are avid readers who love talking about literature and would love for you to join the conversation.

About The Hosts

JD is the founder of Porchlight Family Media, a podcast and new media consultant and freelance audio editor. He was born in The City of Roses, also known as Portland, Oregon. Since his birth he has lived in 14 different cities in 5 states.

Currently residing in Phoenix, Arizona, JD is an avid reader, a technology enthusiast and music lover. He also enjoys poetry, audio drama, live theater, and eating.

Favorite books: Dekker's Circle series, The Lord of the Rings, Robinson Crusoe.

Random Facts About JD: His ice cream flavor of choice is vanilla. He loves Pachelbel's Canon in D. He's a fan of Android OS and he enjoys camping, the outdoors and geocaching.

Nicole is a lifelong bookworm, having fallen in love with reading when an elementary school teacher read The Chronicles of Narnia to her class. Since then, literature has become her greatest teacher.

Nicole spends her day in the company of teenagers, where she teaches them high school history at the same academy from which she was privileged to graduate.

Living in the great Valley of the Sun for over 25 years, Nicole loves this desert with a passion. Hiking, exploring, and learning it's history are her favorite pastimes.

Favorite books: The Bible, Jane Eyre, Tarzan of the Apes

Random facts: Coffee is a necessity of her life. She crochets! Nicole also enjoys plays, tennis, symphonies, golf, and traveling.